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Sobre mí I know that you sometimes feel tongue-tied when you try and speak in English, the words dry up and your brain seems to have turned to mush, even though you have hours of classroom experience and know lots of English vocabulary and grammar rules! I can help you use your current English language skills to be able to communicate with ease and coherence and will teach you how to build on them and improve your confidence. You will really sense that success; you will stop worrying about grammar and producing sophisticated sentences and instead, will learn to love your mistakes! I like this quote from Richard Branson: ‘You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.’ This brings an image of a toddler to mind, doesn’t it? That brings me to another point – children learn language by ‘doing’, experimenting and experiencing the rich rewards of getting their message across. We can all get a message over successfully when we need to communicate. Your lessons with me will be about real communication – on topics of genuine interest to you. Both your self-confidence and your English skills will flourish! Book with me today and become confident in English!

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